Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Funny - More Wacky Warning Labels

More Wacky Warning Labels

These are actual warning labels on products...

Snow Blower - Do not use on roof.
Dishwasher - Do not allow children to play in dishwasher.
Electric Router - Not for use as a dental drill.
Bottle of Sleeping pills - Warning: May cause drowsiness.
Baby stroller - Remove child before folding.
A CD Player - Do not use the Ultradisc2000 as a projectile in a catapult.
Hand-held massager - Do not use while sleeping or unconscious.
Laser Printer Cartridge - Do not eat toner.
A Wheelbarrow - Not intended for highway use.
A pair of shin guards - Shin pads cannot protect any part of
the body they do not cover.

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  1. I've actually read some lables and they are so crazy, but I guess someone actually tried some of the silly stuff so they're now required to warn us. LOL


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