Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top 10 Houses to Avoid When Trick-or-Treating...

Top 10 Types of Houses to Avoid When Trick-or-Treating

This is taken from a Hallmark Halloween card:

. Any house that seems to be imploding into a hole in
the ground.

9. Any house made of food.

8. Any house that has ornamental lawn hyenas.

7. Any house whose only entrance goes to the basement.

6. Any house where high-tension power lines seem
to stop.

5. Any house that keeps growling, "Get out!".

4. Any house where the furniture seems to be walking
around the living room.

3. Any house that looks more like a giant, pulsating orb
floating three feet above the ground, than a house.

2. Any house with a yard full of statues of people in
odd running poses.

... and the number one house to avoid:

1. Any house that wasn't there a couple of seconds ago.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks fot the advice.

    In front of a house down the street from me stands a full grown man in a gorilla costume. Do you think I should also avoid that one?



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