Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reverendfun Cartoons...

Good Saturday to you! I hope you all are enjoying the new
"look" to this blog. It took me a long time to get it exactly
how I wanted it. I am pretty happy with it now. Please
take the time check out my sidebar once in awhile. You may
find something interesting or helpful. If you have any ideas,
questions, jokes, quotes, inspiration, suggestions, etc., just
pop me an email. My address is in the sidebar.

I am also aware it is hard for most of you to leave a comment
in this blog. I am very sorry about this. I have tried for
many months to rectify this. I have been considering moving
the blog, but my wish is not to get comments, but to bring you
some happiness and inspiration in your day. I do really appreciate
the comments when they come through, though!! Thanks!!

I have some Reverendfun Cartoons for you today. Sending
out smiles... Val =)

Reverendfun Cartoons

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