Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Short Halloween Jokes and Puns...

Short Halloween Jokes and Puns

What's a monster's favorite play?
Romeo and ghouliet
Why do witches fly on brooms?
Vacuum cleaner cords
aren't long enough.
What do ghosts serve for dessert?
Why did the Vampire get fired from the Blood Bank?
He was caught drinking on the job.
What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?
What monster flies his kite in a rain storm?
Benjamin Frankenstein
How can you tell when you're in bed with Count Dracula?
He has a big D on his pajamas.
Why are most monsters covered in wrinkles?
Have you ever tried to iron a monster?
"Mommy, mommy, my teacher keeps saying
I look like a werewolf!"

"Be quiet, dear, and go and comb your face."
What kind of monster is safe to put in the washing machine?
A wash and wear wolf
What has webbed feet, feathers, fangs,and goes, "quack-quack"?
Count Duckula
What game do little cannibals like to play at parties?
Swallow the Leader
Who did Frankenstein take to the prom?
His ghoul friend
Why are monsters huge and hairy and ugly?
If they were small and round and
smooth they'd be M&M's.

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  1. I can't believe I actually chuckled at "bamboo."


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