Saturday, June 20, 2009

Joke - Keep Walking...

Keep Walking

An eight year-old boy is walking down the road one day when a car pulls
over next to him.

"If you get in the car," the driver says, "I'll give you $10 and a piece of

The boy refuses and keeps on walking.

A few moments later, not to take no for an answer, the man driving the
car pulls over again. "How about $20 and two pieces of candy?"

The boy tells the man to leave him alone and keeps on walking.

Still further down the road the man pulls over to the side road.

"OK," he says, "this is my final offer. I'll give you $50 and all the candy
you can eat."

The little boy stops, goes to the car and leans in.

"Look," he says to the driver, "You bought the Ford, Dad. You'll have to
live with it!"

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  1. Oh my gosh, Valerie, in a strange kind of a way, this is actually hilarious! And I'll keep my Toyota, thank you very much, LOLOLOL!

    Love you, Sissy,

    krissy knox :)
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