Monday, November 8, 2010

Fun and Funny Quotes...

Fun and Funny Quotes

"In Hollywood, brides keep the bouquets
and throw away the groom."
- Groucho Marx

"Yes, darling, let me cover your face with kisses.
On second thought, just let me cover your face."
- Groucho Marx

"My brother thinks he's a chicken. We don't talk
him out of it because we need the eggs."
- Groucho Marx

"I have noticed that what cats most appreciate in
a human being is not the ability to produce food,
which they take for granted, but his or her
entertainment value."
- Geoffrey Household

"Did you ever walk in a room and forget
why you walked in? I think that's how
dogs spend their lives."
- Sue Murphy

"Everywhere is within walking distance if
you have the time."
- Steven Wright

"The Stones, I love the Stones.
I watch them whenever I can. Fred, Barney... "
- Steven Wright

"If your boss is getting you down, look at him
through the prongs of a fork and imagine him in jail."
- David Brent

"It's not the people who are in prison worry me.
It's the people who aren't."
- Arthur Gore

"Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?"
- Homer Simpson, 'The Simpsons'

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