Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Joke - The Surgeon's Driver...

The Surgeon's Driver

A cardiologist came up with a new operating procedure that
would cut down the time that heart surgery would take and
would cause less trauma to the patient. He was praised by
his peers when he presented it at a convention in Washington
D. C. He was also paid $50,000 to present his find. He did
a couple more of these presentations and realized that it
would be more lucrative to do lectures on his find than to
work as a surgeon. So he decided to do the lectures full-time.
He hired a driver and purchased a limousine.

One day, after he'd been doing the lecture circuit for about
six months, his driver turns to him and says, "You know, this is
completely unfair."

"What do you mean?" asks the surgeon.

"Well, you get paid $50,000 every time you do this lecture.
That's more than I get paid in a year," replies the driver.

The surgeon explains to him that it is a very complicated
procedure and that he is the only person that can give this

"That's not true. I can do your lecture blindfolded. I have
seen you do your lecture so many times that I know it by
heart," says the driver.

"Well if that's the case, I'll tell you what. You do this lecture
and you can keep the $50,000 if you do it correctly," replies
the surgeon.

The driver replies, "Ok. You're on."

So when they arrive at the lecture hall, the surgeon and the
driver change coats and the surgeon puts on the driver's hat and
sits in the back of the room.

The driver nails the presentation. Not only that, he also answers
all the questions without any problems. Just when the driver
thinks he's done, an audience member, wearing a lab coat and
tape covered glasses, stands up and asks a complex question
that the driver is not able to answer.

"You know... " says the driver, "I have done this lecture 287
times and I have never been asked such a stupid question. As a
matter of fact, that question is SO stupid that I am going to let
my driver answer it."

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  1. Moral: Never underestimate your hired help.


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