Thursday, August 19, 2010

Joke - Personal Airplane...

Personal Airplane

Tired of the inconvenience of driving from the airport to his
country cottage, a man equipped his small plane with pontoons
so he could land on the lake directly in front of his cottage.

On his next trip, however, he made his approach down the
airport runway as usual.

Alarmed, his wife cried out, "Are you crazy? You can't land
this plane here without wheels!"

The startled husband yanked the nose up, narrowly averting
certain disaster.

Continuing home, he landed the plane on the lake without

As he sat there, visibly shaken, he said to his wife, "I don't
know what on earth got into me. That's the stupidest thing
ever done in my life!"

And with that, he opened the door and stepped out... right
the water.


  1. Val,
    I think I told you I know some planes land on water. I remember from when we had our cabin at the lake. Some rich people across the lake from Minneapolis flew to the lake that way every weekend. REALLY! I got to go for a ride in that plane. So, I hate to appear dumb, but since some planes do fly, I didn't get that joke, sigh. You know I am not dumb, at least. You know me and jokes.
    Love you!

  2. I meant some planes do fly on water and on air.



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