Thursday, January 14, 2010

Joke - Magic Trick...

Magic Trick

A cruise ship hired a magician to entertain the passengers. Since the passengers
changed every four or five days, the magician was able to perform the same tricks
over and over.

Unfortunately, the Captain of the ship had a parrot who sat around and watched
the magician perform his tricks. Eventually, the parrot learned howthe tricks were
done and would interrupt the act.

"It's in his sleeve," the parrot would say. "He switched balls.", "It's in his
pocket.", etc., etc.

Naturally, the magician was quite disturbed by the parrot but could do nothing
about it, since it belonged to the Captain.

Unfortunately, the cruise ship had the misfortune of hitting an iceberg and sank
to the bottom of the sea in a matter of minutes. As fate would have it, the
magician and the parrot managed to grab hold of the same floating piece
of furniture.

For three days, neither said anything. The magician stared at the parrot and the
parrot stared back. Finally, on the fourth day, the parrot cracked and said:

"OK, I give up, where on Earth did you put the ship?"


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