Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cartoons and an update...

Good morning, friends! Have you checked out my sidebar in awhile?
Give it a look-see. I've put some special items in there that you
may want to take advantage of or have fun with.

How is everyone doing? I found out three days ago that my
daughter is giving me a third grandson =). The pregnancy is going
well. She is having terrible migraines on and off, though, as she has
inherited Chiari Malformation from her Mama. She isn't allowed to
have an epidural with this delivery because of the Chiari, too. She
will be a trooper, I am sure. Please say a prayer for her. Matt sounds
well in his letters. He graduates from basic training on February 12.
Then he is off to intelligence school in California. Thanks for all of
your prayers and concerns for my kids. Now on to today's cartoons!

These can be found at Pay the website a visit.
It's fun! Hoping everyone is warm and well... Val =)

Reverendfun Cartoons


  1. Valerie, these cartoons are hilarious. I can't pick which one I like the best bc they are all hilarious. John was laughing hard also -- he was just loooking at them with me. By the way, your sidebar is fantastic. And I'm touched beyond words for what you put in their for John and me. I can't tell you, can't express to you, except to say I'm touched beyond words, which just isn't enough to say. We think you are beautiful, sissy. You are my wind, my shoulder, my rock, my other half, my TBADT. And our inspiration. John thinks so too.

    Love Krissy (and John also) :)

  2. great cartoons val. you take care,love mort x

  3. I think I'd also go nuts if my donkey talked.

  4. Congratulations on the new grandson to be!! :)


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