Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vagabondisms (Part 2)...

(Part 2)

"Life is a puzzle. Not until the last piece is put in
place does the whole thing become clear."

"When they burn your bridge, go
upstream and build another one."

"Nice guys may finish last, but they finish smiling."

"The best way to interact with the bullies and
trouble-makers of the world is not at all."

"Be thankful for the person who sharpens
you when you have grown dull."

"You can’t bury your anger, but what you can do is bury
the thoughts that cause the anger. Go get a shovel."

"One's perception of other people is usually always
bigger or smaller than those people really are."

"Admire, respect and emulate, but don’t
compare yourself with anyone."

"A person who can live in his own darkness and patiently
await the dawn with a sense of humor is not crazy.
What’s crazy is to be afraid of the dark."

"May a bubble of blessing surround you wherever you
go to protect you from all danger and distress."

"Maturity is being more careful where
you throw your snowballs."

"Having talent should never be an excuse for
self-indulgence and weakness of character."

"The beauties that we know, an amazing sunset,
the taste of ripe fruit, the warm breeze of a Spring day,
a painting by Van Gogh, the music of Mozart; these things are
not complete. They are merely hints of the real beauty that is."

"Concentrate on the things that grow in the garden of
your mind, and don’t play with imaginary toads."

"My paint brush is like a telescope.
It helps me to discover things."

"The creative act should be a joyous one, whether
you’re designing a tea cup or a temple."

"May holy angels dip their fingers in your soup."

"Every garden is a library."

"The hardest mountain trail to climb will
get you the best seat in the forest."

"Always know where the back door is."

"It is dangerous to speak the truth.
It is more dangerous not to."

"One of the most dangerous things
in the world is silent hatred."

"The reason the bag is heavy is that
there are too many illusions in it."

"Eat an apple every day from the tree of wisdom
and plant the seeds in someone’s garden."

"Regrets are just leftovers. Eat
them up or throw them out."

"Sometimes sorrow cleans the slate, so
that new things can be written."

"I wonder who acquired the books that I had to leave
behind and if they love them as much as I did."

"Underestimate me and you hurt me,
overestimate me and you hurt yourself."

"Advice to the readers of scripture:
Climb out of the cellar of literalism, up the steps of
metaphor and into the fresh air of reason and revelation."

"Style is the joining of grace and enthusiasm."

"Put on your dancing shoes and meet the day."

- quotes by DB, found at Vagabond Journeys

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  1. "You can’t bury your anger, but what you can do is bury
    the thoughts that cause the anger. Go get a shovel."

    Just love this one!

    Great Post.

    Hugs, Rose


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