Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quotes from my friend, DB...

A blogger friend of mine, DB, is a wonderful writer and likes to pen his own
quotes. He has sent me hundreds of them. I have been wanting to post
them for a long time now. The problem has been selectingthe ones I want
to post. They are all wonderful!! I am going to do this in two posts. DB can
be found at
Vagabond Journeys. Thanks, DB!! Go tell him hello and you
love his work! Have a great rest of the day, my friends! Val =)


"Each person has one grand life story to be learned,
and once learned, must be told."

"The quality of the answer you get depends
upon the quality of the question you ask."

"They who find the right path in life never really return
to where they started. It’s a new beginning."

"Which comes first, the music or the dance?"

"Direct the play, not the players."

"Do something remarkable, then
appreciate yourself for doing it."

"The most difficult love, but the most
needed, is the inconvenient love."

"Everything is unusual. All things are extraordinary."

"If you want to learn the truth of something imagine
looking at it from the side you can’t see."

"In order to know what’s what, you have to read,
not only between the lines, but behind them."

"If we knew we would live forever we
would knuckle down and get busy."

"They can steal my fish but they
can’t steal my ocean."

"I chose to live without wanting the stupid,
self-indulgent satisfaction of revenge."

"I don’t mind if there’s clutter in my life. It always
assures me that I have something to do."

"Do not scorn the secrets that
live in an old person’s heart."

"The world has changed from when you
first discovered it. Time to rediscover."

"It is difficult at times, for some people, to tell the difference
between intelligent thought and emotional reaction."

"If there is a shadow in your life, look in
the opposite direction to find the light."

"Throw love at them. If they throw scorn
back, throw more love, and duck."

"Take the same road you take every day as if you’ve never
taken it before and notice all the beauties, mysteries,
and secrets you didn’t know were there."

"Growing older is not for the
squeamish. Cultivate courage."

"Idol worshipping is worshipping the
effect instead of the cause."

"I reach out my hand in a storm and
change the destiny of a raindrop."

"Every morning life opens up its paint box and
we get to choose our colors for the day."

"It isn’t enough just to hope for the best. We
must learn to recognize it when it arrives."

"When you have to tell your age, do it,
but start by saying 'I’m only… '"

... To be Continued ...


  1. Val, Thanks for sharing these. I loved them! Your friend is talented! I will be sure to vist his blog!

  2. Val, hope you don't mind if I snagged. I will give credit to your friend. xx Merry


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