Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Joke - Why Dogs are Better Than Women

Here is the revenge for the men =)... sorry women, all in fun =)...

Top Ten Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Women:

10. A dog's parents will
never visit you.

9. A dog loves you when you leave
your clothes on the floor.

8. A dog limits its time in the
bathroom to a quick drink.

7. A dog never expects
you to telephone.

6. A dog will not get mad at you
if you forget its birthday.

5. A dog does not care about the
previous dogs in your life.

4. A dog does not get mad at you
if you pet another dog.

3. A dog never expects flowers
on Valentine's Day.

2. The later you are, the happier
a dog is to see you.

1. A dog does not shop.


  1. so cute!!! and only fair to post this since we got the why dogs are better than men one before :)


  2.     Now if those are the most serious complaints men can establish against women, then I say give them dogs. As he who lies down with dog rises with fleas. After that we'll talk about what's wrong with men and women.


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