Friday, August 22, 2008

Joke - The Blonde Lady Driver

The Blonde Lady Driver

A state trooper was driving along in the country when he noticed a small black coupe swerving all over the lonely back road. He put on his flashers and pulled the car over. Hopping out of his cruiser, he then approached the blonde lady driver.

"Ma'am, is there a reason you're weaving all over the road?"

The blonde replied, "Oh officer, thank goodness you're here!! I almost had an accident! I looked up and there was a tree right in front of me! I swerved to the left and there was another tree in front of me! I swerved to the right and there was ANOTHER tree in front of me!"

Reaching through the side window to the rear view mirror, the officer replied, "Ma'am... that's your air freshener."


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