Saturday, August 9, 2008

Joke - Top 5 Things NOT to Say to a Cop...

The Top 5 Things NOT to Say to a Cop

5. "I can't seem to reach my license, could you hold my beer?"

4. "Weren't you from the Village People?"

3. "You're not going to check the trunk, are you?"

2. "Don't you have to be in shape to be a police officer?"

and if an officer says,
"You're eyes look kind of red,
have you been drinking?"...

1. "Well, your eyes look kind of glazed, have you
been eating donuts?"


  1. I am sooo tempted to send this to my friends...they are cops! LOL! I think I will not, especially my girlfriends who are cops! But how funny!
    Thanks for another chuckle.

  2. LOL!! so true; bet the police have heard all of these in their actual stops of people



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