Friday, August 22, 2008

a poem - Joy In The Rain

Joy In The Rain

The birds in flight, God in the sunset,
and I in angels arms,
understand why it was to be.
What seemed cruel turned out
to be my saving grace.
With each hurt, pain, and blunder,
I turned to the rain,
and to the joy which was in the rain,
until the rain turned into the sun,
and I found the reasons why,
it all occurred.
Now I am enthralled.


  1. That's lovely, Val--thank you for sharing it with us. :)


  2. beautiful Val!! you write very nicely; I hope you'll share more of your poems with us :)


  3. Val, this is delightful!!!
    You write so beautifully, out of your wonderful heart.  This is what joy in the rain is all about!  So uplifting!!!


  4. Val, this is beautiful.  I read it when you first wrote it. but didn't really read it.  I mean, it didn't quite sink in.  I understand what you are saying now, and I am amazed at your wisdom.  

    Yes, that is true for your life, that you turned to the rain, and the joy in the rain (you were always able to see good in life no matter what the situation, even though it was dreadfully hard for you), and the rain turned into sun, and you found out the reasons why you had to go thru some things in your life.

    My guess is that you are even grateful for what you went thru, or you wouldn't be where you are at today.  You wouldn't be you!  And you are a beautiful you!  I am so glad you are coming out to the other side, and have so much more of a beautiful life.

    John and I were talking about this last night.  I am grateful that no matter what I went through in my life, The Lord has turned it around, and He had a reason for everything.  Although I did not see how it would be possible at the time, He has changed our lives so much, and we HAVE come out on the other side, because we embraced the Joy In The Rain, trusting Him always, never giving up.  I am so glad you did that Valerie.  For it has paid off.  And you are one beautiful Valerie!

    Krissy  :)        

  5.     I really enjoyed that.


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