Monday, February 7, 2011

Funny Gaffes Made By Politicians...

Funny Gaffes Made By Politicians

"Things are more like they are now than they have ever been."
- President G. Ford

"If Lincoln were alive today he'd roll over in his grave."
- President G. Ford

"China is a big country, inhabited by many Chinese."
- Charles de Gaulle, ex-French President

"This is a great day for France!"
- President R. Nixon, while attending
Charles de Gaulle's funeral

"Capital punishment is our society's recognition of
the sanctity of human life."
- Senator O. Hatch, Utah, explaining his support
of the death penalty

"My fellow astronauts... "
- V. President D. Quayle, beginning a speech at an
Apollo 11 anniversary celebration

"My friends, no matter how rough the road may be, we can
and we will never, never, surrender to what is right."
- V. President D. Quayle

"The Internet is a great way to get on the net."
- B. Dole, Republican Presidential candidate

"Outside of the killings, Washington D. C. has one of the
lowest crime rates in the country."
- Mayor M. Barry, Washington D. C.

"We found the term 'killing' too broad."
- State Department spokesperson, on why the word 'killing' was
replaced with 'unlawful or arbitrary deprivation of life' in its
human rights reports for 1984-5

"They misunderestimated me."
- President G. W. Bush

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  1. They are all remarkable and funny, but my favorite is the one by Hatch. It's a perfect blossom of political double talk.


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