Saturday, July 3, 2010

Unusual Pet Names...

2010's Most Unusual Cat and Dog Names

VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance), with a database of over
485,000 insured pets, asks its employees to select the
most unusual cat and dog names each year. They make
a list of 50 for both sexes. The top 10 in both categories
this year are:

1. Purr Diem
2. Bing Clawsby
3. Cleocatra
4. Admiral Pancake
5. Optimus Pants
6. Chairman Meow
7. Boo Manchu
8. Watts in a Name
9. Chenoa Azure Marshmellow-Puff
10. Senor Nachos

1. Pickle Von Corndog
2. Lord Chubby Pruneface
3. Badonkadonk
4. Ninjastar Dangerrock
5. Molly Mcboozehound
6. Dog Vader
7. Flopsy Squeakerton
8. Bettie Poops
9. Geez Louise
10. Barnaby Bones

What do you think of this list? I have two cats - a female
that was originally named Joy and a male that was named
Jo-Jo (by his rescuer). They are now affectionately called
Honey and Boo (or Baby or Bear... whatever comes out of
my mouth at the time). Do you have any pets? What are
their names? Why did you give them these names?

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  1. I knew someone who named her dog Oyster. I don't know why. My last cat was named William because I think he told me.

    I don't think much of those names listed. They aren't real names. The owners are just trying to be cure and original



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