Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Joke - Bubba Hang-glides....

Bubba Hang-glides

Bubba decides to take up hang-gliding. He saves up and buys a
brand new glider.

He takes his new hang-glider to the highest mountain, and after
struggling to the top, he is ready to take flight! He takes off
running and reaches the edge. Into the wind he goes!

Meanwhile, Ma and Pa Hicks are sittin' on the porch swing
talkin' 'bout the good ol' days, when Ma spots the biggest bird
she ever seen!

"Look at the size of that bird, Pa!" she exclaims.

Pa raises up,"Git my gun, Ma!"

She runs into the house and comes back with his pump shotgun.

He grabs the gun and takes careful aim. BANG... BANG... BANG... BANG!
The monster-sized bird continues to sail silently over the tree tops.

"I think ya missed him, Pa," she says.

"Yeah," he replies, "but at least he let go of Bubba."


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  1. This is hilarious. Thanks for making me laugh today.

    hugs Myke


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