Monday, August 24, 2009

Funny Famous Last Words...

Funny Famous Last Words

"I can't sleep."
- J. M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan
"Pardon me, sir. I did not do it on purpose."
- Marie Antoinette, said to her executioner as she went
to the guillotine after stepping on his foot
"Wait a minute... "
- Pope Alexander VI, talking to God
"I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis."
- Humphrey Bogart
"Now why did I do that?"
- General William Erskine, after jumping from
a window in Lisbon, Portugal
"Am I dying or is it my birthday?"
- Nancy Astor
"Take a step forward, lads - it'll be easier that way."
- Robert Erskine Childers, to his firing squad
"It's stopped."
- Joseph Henry Green, when checking his own pulse

"Drink to me!"
- Pablo Picasso
"Now I shall go to sleep, goodnight."
- Lord Byron
"Please put out the light."
- Theodore Roosevelt


  1. Some of these are funny, some are frightening!

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  2. I used to joke that what I wanted on my tombstone was "That was it?"


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