Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Funny, Punny Names...

Funny, Punny Names

Oh What A Relief It Is: Al Kaseltzer
New Mexico Tour Book: Albie Kerky
The Palace Roof Has A Hole: Lee King
Lawn Care:
Ray King
Exercise On Wheels:
Cy Kling
I Hate The Sun:
Gladys Knight
Teach Me: I.
Wanda Know
Better Mental Health:
Cy Kosis
Breaking The Law: Kermit A. Krime
NHL Hockey:
Stanley Kupp
Those Funny Dogs:
Joe Kur
I Like Weeding Gardens: Manuel Labor
How To Overcome Stress: R.E. Lachs
Care For A Chop?: Marsha Larts
Fallen Underwear:
Lucy Lastic
Military Rule:
Marshall Law
Cut The Grass:
Moses Lawn
Manana: Stew Layt
To Be Honest:
Frank Lee
The Lady Pirate:
Peg Legg
Pain In My Body:
Otis Leghurts
The Philippine Post Office:
Imelda Letter
Not A Guitar:
Amanda Lin
Holmes Does It Again:
Scott Linyard
Bring To The Grocer's:
R. List
Classic Groceries:
Chopin Liszt
The Effects Of Alcohol: Sir Osis of Liver
Employment Handbook: Ernie Living
How To Break In: Jimmy De Lock

Do you have any to add? I would love to hear them.
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  1. These are all funny. I could think of more, but you've filled the cup.



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