Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Shows and Movie Quotes...

Christmas Shows and Movie Quotes

"Seeing isn't believing. Believing is seeing."
- Little Elf Judy, 'The Santa Clause'

"Oh, Christmas isn't just a day. It's a frame of mind... "
- Kris Kringle, 'Miracle on 34th Street'

"Now wait a minute, Susie. Just because every child can't
get his wish, that doesn't mean there isn't a Santa Claus."
- Kris Kringle, 'Miracle on 34th Street'

"Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to."
- Doris Walker, 'Miracle on 34th Street'

"And they'll feast, feast, feast, feast. They'll eat their
Who-Pudding and rare Who-Roast Beast. But there's something
I just cannot stand in least... Oh no. I'm speaking in rhyme!"
- The Grinch, 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'

"When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone!
Did you hear me?! I'm living alone! I'm living alone!
I'm living alone!"
- Kevin McCallister, 'Home Alone'

"Charlie Brown, you're the only person I know who can take
a wonderful season like Christmas and turn it into a problem.
Maybe Lucy's right. Of all the Charlie Browns in the world,
you're the Charlie Browniest. "
- Linus van Pelt, 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'

"Don't cry, Karen. Frosty's not gone for good. You see,
he was made out of Christmas snow and Christmas snow can
never disappear completely. It sometimes goes away for almost
a year at a time and takes the form of spring and summer rain.
But you can bet your boots that when a good, jolly December
wind kisses it, it will turn into Christmas snow all over again."
- Santa Claus to Karen, 'Frosty the Snowman'

"There is never enough time to do or say all the things that
we would wish. The thing is to try to do as much as you can
in the time that you have. Remember, Scrooge, time is short,
and suddenly, you're not here any more."
- The Ghost of Christmas Present, 'A Christmas Carol'

"God bless us, everyone!"
- Tiny Tim, 'A Christmas Carol'

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