Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Fun...

Merry Christmas, my dear friends, family and readers of this blog!!
I put together a few Christmas links that I thought you may enjoy if
you have a few spare moments today or tomorrow. Pour a cup of
coffee and sit back and enjoy. Most of these are fun and funny. I
hope you and yours are having a warm and safe day...
Sending Christmas joy... Val =)

Christmas Links

Fun With Santa and His Reindeer

Decorate a Tree and a Room

Santa Sings with His Reindeer

Silent Monks "Singing" Hallelujah

The Christmas Can-Can

The 12 Days of Christmas with Jimmy Kimmel and Norah Jones

Oh Holy Night
(sung by Celine Dion... my favorite Christmas hymn)

Christmas Facts

Christmas Quiz

Christmas Coloring Pages for Your Children
(or you!)

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  1. thanks val.wishing you all the very best in 2010,tc love mort xx


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