Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Joke...

Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate Easter

10. You absolutely love the movie "The Ten Commandments".

9. You look really, really good in yellow.

8. You just went on a low cholesterol diet and didn't want to
waste all those eggs in the fridge.

7. You figure any Holiday that starts with a "Good Friday"
can't be all bad.

6. You love to bite the heads off chocolate bunnies.

5. It's a good time to check out your neighborhood church
and not be noticed.

4. You have this bunny suit you love to wear, but are too
insecure to wear it without a reason.

3. Even though you don't know what it is, you really like the
sound of going to a "Passion Play".

2. You figured since Jesus went to all THAT trouble to make it
to the first Easter, you'd give it a shot.

1. As a Christian you celebrate the resurrection every other day,
why not Easter, too?

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  1. All good reasons, but number 6 is the best.


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