Monday, December 8, 2008

A Funny...

There was a concert in Central Park, New York City on a chilly and windy day. The last work on the program was Schubert's Symphony #9. During the intermission the wind was blowing the pages of the music around so the librarian took some string and attached them to the music stands. It was so cold the two trumpet players found their lips were sticking to their mouth pieces, so they had to go home, and the entire bass violin section went across the street to a bar to warm up.

So when the intermission was over and the conductor stepped up to the podium it was the top of the ninth, the scores were tied, there were two men out and the basses were loaded.

Thanks to
DB for this joke!


  1. I must be stupid. I had to read that five times, to get it, LOL. From the looks of the lack of other commentators (commenters) around here, I guess I'm not the only dumb one, LOL.

    OKay, love you Sissy!

    Krissy :)
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