Thursday, October 23, 2008

Joke - Halloween's Top 10, David Letterman...

This comes from Late Night with David
Letterman on October 22, 2004...

Top 10 Signs You Are At A Lame Halloween Party

10. 150 sharing one Twix bar.

Bobbing for Apples" inadvertantly becomes
"bobbing for fat kid's retainer".

8. Supermarket ran out of pumpkins so jack-
o-lantern carved out of honeydew.

7. All the decorations read, "Happy Chanukah".

6. Your wife's been upstairs with the guy in the
Bill O'Reilly costume for a couple of hours.

5. It's B.Y.O.M: Bring your own monkey.

4. Well, for starters, it's April.

3. Someone says, "Hey, great Mickey Rooney mask!"
but you are not wearing a costume.

2. When a guy dressed as grim reaper leaves,
you notice your grandparents missing.

1. It's just you and Martha in an 8 by 10 cell.


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