Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Decorating Ideas for Fall

This list comes from CountryHome online I thought it had
some really neat decorating tips! Hope you enjoy!...

Celebrate fall by beautifying your home
with some of the season’s natural bounty.

With autumn on its way, folks all over
are jumping in their cars and driving to
the country to grab a glimpse of the
season's natural splendor. Bring some of
that beauty home with these simple ideas
for fall home décor.

1. Be the talk of the town with a playful
pumpkin version of a snowman. Stack
three pumpkins in graduated sizes,
drilling holes through the pumpkins and
inserting a large stick to secure. Add
stick arms and a face using a black

2. Make a quirky topiary by placing a
sturdy branch in a box or flowerpot,
weighing it down with bricks or rocks
that you then cover with nuts. Cut or
drill a hold through the largest pumpkin,
and place on the branch. Top with two
smaller pumpkins.

3. Accent a door or wall with a swag of
Indian corn. Use twine to connect the
ears, knotting the twine after adding
each ear. Tuck in pressed maple leaves
for even more color. Then loop the
twine at the top to hang.

4. Don't just throw all those tree
trimmings in the trash this autumn.
Place a bundle of bare branches in a
large terra-cotta pot and weave little
white holiday lights to create the
perfect décor for y
our home.

5. Have a ball by wrapping colorful dried
leaves around purchased plastic-foam
balls from a crafts store. Glue the leaves
on, then wind thin wire around and
around to hold them firmly in place.
Stack a collection of balls in a basket
for rustic country style.

6. Make an autumn garland for your
mantle with colorful apples. Use an awl
or knitting needle to pierce through the
apples from side to side. Pull twine
through the hole and knot it to hold the
apple in place. Spice up the display by
alternating apples with gourds, walnuts,
or leaves.

7. Lead trick-or-treaters to your door or
dinner guests to the back patio with
country luminaries made with old glass
jars. Put a bit of sand in the jar and set a
small candle in the sand. Line the
sidewalk with the luminaries or even
hang them from trees with wire.

8. Decorate a wreath for your front door
with clusters of berries, ornamental
grasses, and other fall finds. Purchase a
wreath form at a local crafts store, then
simply attach the berries and grasses
with wire or hot glue.

9. Turn mini pumpkins into decorative
candleholders. Just carve a hole large
enough for a tea candle in the top of the
pumpkin. Arrange a bunch across a
mantle or down the middle of the dining

10. For a fragrant treat, fill a ceramic
bowl or wicker basket with oranges,
lemons, pinecones, nuts, and pieces of
evergreen. Place the container just inside
the front door for a special welcome


  1. I like the last idea. I would put oranges or lemons in a container. Maybe even a glass container, and put it in the foyer, on a table! I don't know if that is fall-like, but it sounds artistic, and would smell nice too!

    Let's see for a fall decoration, how about taking a wicker container (shallow) and placing in it gourds? Or indian corn? Or perhaps both? Baby pumpkins?

    I was going to do this Val. I found the best of these at a store in Hershey. I wanted to get them so badly to make a design at home. But I knew they wouldn't survive the trip back home on the bus. So I couldn't get them. Bummer. They were so gorgeous! I wanted to buy them (they were so inexpensive, like 30 cents for a gourd or a colorful cob of incian corn!) just to photograph them. Sigh, I couldn't.

    I think the swag idea is cool too. Perhaps if I see any at the store at home I will get me a couple of things to decorate the home. Thanks for the reminder and the ideas Val, and for getting my creative juices flowing again! Great post!

    Love you, Krissy :)

  2. Cute ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those were great ideas. I wish I was decorating, but the house is tore up remolding.
    Take care, Chrissie

  4. I loved reading these decorating ideas inspired by nature, Val ... especially the pumpkin topiary and the mini pumpkins with candles.

    I did the candle one as a craft for our local Ways Harvest Festival here in Stormstown, PA (the one on October 11, 2008, when Sarah Palin and her daughter, Piper, made a surprise visit! It was soooooo cool to meet her!) Check it out on You-Tube

    The photo taken that day even appeared in People Magazine! (I'm behind the Secret Service bodyguard who is wearing dark sunglasses),,20232832_6,00.html

    Some women behind me who couldn't see or hear Sarah Palin (as well as I could) had me turn back to them throughout her visit and answer all their questions ... they were so grateful that they came back to my Mia Bella Candle booth and bought 3 candles each from me! I have Sarah Palin to thank for my brisk sales that day! LOL!

    (a shameless plug)


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