Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Joke - Health Care in Heaven...

Health Care In Heaven

Three men died and arrived at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter asked the first man who he was.

"My name is Dr. Jones. I pioneered and developed the techniques for open heart surgery. Because of my work on earth, thousands of people all around the world have lived longer, healthier lives. Surely there's a place for me in heaven."

"Yes," Peter said, "come on in."

The second man approached and said, "St. Peter, my name is Dr. Smith. I pioneered and developed techniques for premature babies. Today there are thousands of children in the world whose lives were saved at birth because of my work. Surely there's a place for me in heaven."

"Yes, come on in," said Peter.

St. Peter asked the third man who he was.

"My name is Mr. Johnson. I originated and developed the idea for HMO's. Because of my ideas on managed care and the efficiencies I developed, billions of dollars have been saved in the health care industry. Surely there's a place for me in heaven."

"Yes," said Peter, "come on in. But you can only stay 3 days."


  1. my husband will like this one (he works in healthcare)

    so cute! I'll send you jokes/stories/etc if I run across any good ones Val


  2. I LOVE this one!

  3. I am enjoying this new place of yours! This made me smile--3 days and you're out--that's it! ;-) I wanted to tell you about this great book I have read just in case you didn't read it yet. It's called " 90 Muinutes in Heaven "by Don Piper. It's a real life and death story about a man who had a terrible car wreck, was pronounced dead and came back to tell us what heaven was like! It's wonderful. Hope you are feeling great today~Deb ;-)


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