Friday, October 7, 2011

Overcoming Depression Quotes...

Overcoming Depression Quotes

"Mental health problems do not affect three or four
out of every five persons, but one out of one."

- Dr. William Menninger

"Take the first step, no more, no less,
and the next will be revealed."

- Ken Roberts

"Many of us spend our whole lives running from feeling
with the mistaken belief that you cannot bear the pain.
But you have already borne the pain. What you have not
done is feel all you are beyond that pain."

- Kahlil Gibran

"Hope is grief’s best music."

- Author Unknown

"Good humor is a tonic for mind and body. It is the best
antidote for anxiety and depression. It is a business asset.
It attracts and keeps friends. It lightens human burdens.
It is the direct route to serenity and contentment."

- Greenville Kleiser

"In moments of discouragement, defeat, or even despair,
there are always certain things to cling to. Little things
usually: remembered laughter, the face of a sleeping child,
a tree in the wind - in fact, any reminder of something
deeply felt or dearly loved. No man is so poor as not to
have many of these small candles. When they are lighted,
darkness goes away - and a touch of wonder remains."

- "These Small Candles", a tombstone inscription in Britain

"I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly,
acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all,
I still know that just to be alive is a grand thing."

- Agatha Christie

"One ceases to recognize the significance of mountain peaks
if they are not viewed occasionally from the deepest valleys."

- Dr. Al Lorin

"Although the world is full of suffering,
it is also full of the overcoming of it."

- Helen Keller

The first week of October (2 - 8) is National Mental Illness
Awareness Week. If you are hurting, please let someone know!!
If you have no one to turn to, the crisis line below is open year-
round, 24/7. They care and will not judge you!

Visit NAMI for more details on mental health.

- dedicated to J. and S., two hurting young people,
who left this earth too soon.


  1. Valerie, thanks for giving the Crisis Hotline.

    Here is my favorite of those you posted above:

    "Take the first step, no more, no less,
    and the next will be revealed."
    - Ken Roberts


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