Wednesday, November 12, 2008

hope and prayer, please join me...

I have hope for this country with a new President being sworn in this January. Do you? I wanted to let you all know something I have been doing every morning and ask you to join me if you are a person of prayer. Click this link...

77 Days of Prayer for Our New President

If you sign up on the right-hand side, this will come to your email box each morning. It has a verse and a prayer for our new President and his administration. I believe prayer is the best gift we can give someone and can move mountains. Won't you join me and please send the link on to your friends, too. Thanks!!

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  1. I signed up already. I am not sure that I have hope... But prayer is important... The Bible says to pray for your leaders in governemnt, so that is what I am going to do. That is a great gift we can give them... It is our responsibility and our gift to them... So I signed up. Thanks for providing us with this link, Val. And your graphic is hilarious!

    Krissy :)
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