Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Vagabond's Song...

A Vagabond's Song

I was baptized by New York City sleet and tempered in
New England snow.

I walked among the ancient rocks and pondered nature's

I watched the silver snake ford the brook.

  I fought. My spear was inscribed with sacred runes.

  I gather knowledge from books and birds and children at play.

  I respect the mystic myths.

  I know when there's love and when there isn't.

  I can hear the echoes of my struggling ancestors.

  Those who saw me sit and stare and said I was a worthless
dreamer are gone.

I survived the silent sirens.

  Now I sit and stare and while I sit I think, I imagine, I write,
I design, I survive because I can.

There is inexpressible music in my head, poetry in my heart
and a sense of humor in my pocket.

I am a child of the universe.

  I am not worthless.

- written and posted by permission
 from DB at Vagabond Journeys

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